R.A.A.P. (Respect, Attitude and Perseverance)

R.A.A.P. is our teens-only group for martial artists of all ranks!

We work on developing the non-martial arts skills of these students, including the whys and hows of modern businesses, such as marketing, social media, decision-making, planning, and team-building. In addition, R.A.A.P. members get real world experience by getting to create and execute their plans in a real business.

R.A.A.P. team members can be recognized by their cool red and black uniforms (their first decision as a team!), but also by their attitude and behavior in class. R.A.A.P members are leaders, setting the standard for everyone in the school.

Interested in joining? Please talk to one of the team, or talk to Ms. Ke.

Meets Thursdays at 8 pm.

Adult and Black belt class will still be held during this time!